The Mauritian Scuba Diving Association


The MSDA is the Mauritian national scuba diving federation. Founded in 1989, its objectives are to regulate the activities of recreational scuba diving in Mauritius and in Rodrigues. It also aims to promote this activity and Mauritius as a scuba diving destination at national and international level.

Affiliated diving centers divers guarantee that standards and procedures are followed for the safety and the serenity of the divers.

Further informations concerning the MSDA are available in THE MSDA section of this site.


Directing board

Members are elected for a duration of 4 years during the General Meeting. This meeting regoups the different regions representatives.

The last election has been hold in April 2016 and the new board for the period 2016-2020. Since 2018 the board  is composed as follow:

President M. Jean Lincoln
Vice-president M. Aishley Revaud
Vice-président M. Jean-Michel Langlois
Secrétaire M. Magadeven Cunapudy
Secrétaire adjoint M. Nicolas Chong Yew Chor
Trésorier M. François Besson
Trésorier adjoint M. Pascal Ava
Président Commission Technique M. Hugues Vitry
Président Commission Scientifique M. Yann Von Arnim
Membre M. Vellin Bhurtun
Membre M. Jonathan César


Secrétaires administratives Roseline Rungasamy
Annick Ambrose

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