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“Sharks – A Point of View” in Rodrigues


 The Mauritian Scuba Diving Association, represented by its President, Pierre Szalay, was present in Rodrigues on 2 March 2014 on the occasion of the inauguration of a Postal Museum in the François Leguat Reserve and the opening of the exhibition “Sharks – A Point of View”.


This exhibition, already presented to an audience in Mauritius at the Caudan centre in Port Louis and later in the Réserve des Mascareignes in Souillac, will enable Rodriguans, and especially schoolchildren, to become more aware of the shark universe and learn more about it through beautiful images illustrating shark habits, biology and accidents. The exhibition will remain open for three months before touring a number of schools until the end of the year, thanks to the assistance provided by two MSDA diving centres on the island (Cotton Dive, Jacky Degremont and Bouba Diving, Benoit Debaize).


Jacky Degremont ( Cotton Dive ) and Benoit Debaize ( Bouba Diving )


Fabien Bouny and Fanch Landron, two passionate lovers of oceans, sharks and photography, residents of Reunion Island, are the creators of the exhibition.  The dual event was attended by over sixty people in the presence of Rodriguan public figures, among them Serge Clair, High Commissioner for Rodrigues and Richard Payendee, Tourism Commissioner for Rodrigues.

                                                    Serge Clair                                                            Richard Payendee


Aurèle André and Owen Griffith, organizers of the event, welcomed their guests in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Pierre Szalay gave them a small gift as a souvenir of the MSDA to mark the day’s events.                             

                                                     Aurèle André                                                            Owen Griffith










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